Range Tour and Shuttle Co

Mountain Bike Shuttles

Range Tour & Shuttle Co. not only provides fully guided tours, we offer shuttle service as well throughout Baker County and surrounding areas.

Mountain Bike Shuttles
Marble Pass Shuttle

We take you from the valley up to Marble Pass on an incredibly rough road. Save your car and let us take you!


Elkhorn Crest Backpacker Shuttle

We’ll drop you off at Marble pass trailhead, so you can worry about having a good time and we’ll worry about getting you there! Shuttle will pick you from your vehicle at the Black Lake Trailhead first thing in the morning and take you up Marble Pass, where you will start your hike and return back to your vehicle at your leisure. 

$50.00 – BOOK NOW!

Phillips Reservoir Shuttle

Staying in town, renting a bike and don’t know where to start? This is an easy way to get to signature Baker County riding with a local touch. We’ll pick you up in town, take you to Phillips reservoir and point you in the right direction. We’ll meet back up with you when you’re done taking it all in.


Anthony Lakes Shuttle

Let us drive and you can worry about taking in the views and getting ready to experience one of the prettiest, highest places in Baker County.


If you have another route you’d like to explore let us know! We also offer custom mountain bike shuttles, hiking shuttles and tours in and around Baker County.

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To schedule a Shuttle or for more information please contact us by email at: rangetourshuttle@gmail.com